The Environmental Scan working group was tasked with evaluating repository and adjacent publishing platforms for suitability as a replacement to bepress. The working group pursued this goal by first drafting a series of profiles of university library groups that operate an institutional repository system and adjacent publishing and/or data services. These “organizational” profiles were originally written based on public information found on the web; the profiled institution was then asked to provide feedback, commentary, and direct edits, which, when provided, were ultimately folded into the original review and noted in the documentation.

The purpose of the organizational profiles was to get a better sense of what peer institutions were doing in the scholarly communication and institutional repository space, including the ways in which these groups offer scholarly communication and publishing services to their communities. These profiles informed the task force’s understanding of how services could be structured as well as the tools used to provide those services.

The Environmental Scan working group surveyed the Ivies+ and a handful of other similarly sized or relevant institutions.

You can view the organizational profiles document here.

This activity is also part of the Scholarly Communication UnBoxed Activity (SCUBA) kit. Please see SCUBA for more information on how to do your own profile activity.

Disclaimer: This represents work done in spring 2018. Thus, information in the profiles may not be up-to-date or accurate at this point, and we have no plans to update these profiles. Therefore, please consider this to be a “snapshot” of what we think was happening during a period of time rather than an authoritative source for what these institutions are doing. The information is also only based on what the SCRIP team could find in public websites, so it may not accurately reflect what is/was actually happening at these institutions.

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