The following resources are appendices to the Scholarly Communication and Research Infrastructure Project (SCRIP) report.

Companion Report

SCRIP Data Needs Assessment (COMING SOON): A more detailed look at the landscape of data needs and services across campus and at other institutions.

Environmental Scan

Environmental Scan Report (COMING SOON): Final report section written by members of the Environmental Scan Working Group, detailing methodology, findings, and recommendations.

Platform Functionality Review: Review of the most promising institutional repository and journal publishing platforms based on a set of criteria developed by the current repository manager.

Organizational Profiles: Brief profiles of university library groups (Ivies+, mostly) that operate an institutional repository system and adjacent publishing and/or data services.

User Research

Survey Methodology: Information on goals, design, distribution, and other information about the May 2018 scholarly communications survey.

Survey Demographics: Demographics of survey respondents.

Survey Questions: Questions from the survey (available for reuse at other institutions, under a CC0 license) and reflections from the team.

Survey Results Report: Four survey results reports, including all respondents, faculty, graduate students, and librarians.

Survey Results on Data Sharing: Highlights from the SCRIP survey about sharing data.

Survey Results on Open Access Themes: Results of the survey related to open access.

Survey Results on ScholarlyCommons: Survey results on the use of Penn’s institutional repository, ScholarlyCommons.

Survey Results Related to Trust: Results of the survey about trust for long-term access to scholarship.

Interview Process: Overview of reflections from 27 interviews and over 19 hours of conversations with faculty, staff, and graduate students about their scholarly communication practices, values, and priorities.

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