At Common Press, we take exercising one’s voice seriously. With Pennsylvania’s Voter Registration deadline imminent (October 9), we created a letterpress printed poster to raise awareness and share voter registration resources on campus. Keep your eyes peeled for these multi-layer posters designed by student Myahn Walker across campus.



Myahn points out that the color combination and the “bars” of text end up resembling the American flag.

As a letterpress printing project, this poster carries on a long tradition of disseminating information and calls to action. Common Press is a resource for student groups and individuals on Penn’s campus to take the means of production into their own hands, making prints, fliers, posters, and books that stand out through the use of wood and metal type, and the impression of the press on the paper. Working with the collection of type inspires designs that would not come about on the computer screen.

Common Press offers free workshops and open studio hours to enable students to learn to print in the shop, to bind books, and to work on independent projects. We also host class visits and are open to project proposals. For more information, visit

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