I recently presented a session with Jim Twetten from Iowa State University at the Next Generation Learning Spaces Conference in Atlanta, GA.  Our presentation, entitled Strategies for Spurring Faculty Engagement, was attended by about 120 people and we used Poll Everywhere to collect their ideas. My presentation included lessons learned from the Engaging Students Through Technology symposium and Jim discussed similar initiatives from his large national survey on best practices for engaging faculty. The conference included presenters from around the nation and featured a field trip to Georgia State University’s new Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and their visualization wall called CURVE: Collaborative University Research & Visualization Environment.

In the field-trip photos I have selected a few ideas that appealed to me. Starting at top left is an interesting setup with foam blocks that can be used to build walls. Moving clockwise, next is a small video studio with green screen, followed by an example of how to use the foam blocks as seats for pairs of students. Next is a blue glass rolling board. Beautiful glass rolling boards in a variety of bright colors were stationed around the CURVE area, usable for brainstorming surfaces or movable to make decorative walls.

Next is a photo of a simple stool that doubles as a charging station, followed by a photo of the large CURVE display. The display is controlled by three computer displays and provides an immersive experience for visitors. The last photo shows signage in an active learning classroom so faculty can quickly visualize all the different ways that they can rearrange the furniture in the classroom. The field trip provided many ideas for ways to keep learning spaces flexible and attractive.

I especially liked a presentation about the Brandeis Maker Lab presentation which showcased active involvement by student groups, and the presenter is interested in coming to visit Penn soon.

Presentation Materials
Conference Brochure

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