Research Teas are a forum to learn about the work that other researchers are doing in a low-key and casual environment.  You’ll learn more about the what, the why, and the how of their individual research processes.  Discover the tools they use, the methods they employ, insights they’ve uncovered, and much more.

All Research Teas are held in the Meyerson Conference Room (Rm 223) in Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center.  Click on the session name for more details and to register for the event.

March 1st: Digital Methods for Americanists
Elizabeth Rodriques (CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow, Temple) and Lindsay Van Tine (CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow, Penn & Swarthmore) will discuss their research on 19th-century archives of U.S. conceptions of nation and migration and what kinds of digitized or digitizable archives might enable new approaches to these materials.

April 5: A Fresh Approach to Odyssey with Emily Wilson
Professor Emily Wilson (Department of Classical Studies) will talk about her work to create a new verse translation of Homer’s Odyssey.

April 12: Working with Images; Embracing Fair Use
Patty Guardiola, Assistant Head, Fisher Fine Arts Library, will lead a conversation about working with images, taking advantage of creative commons licenses, and embracing fair use.

April 19: Professor Toni Bowers
Professor Toni Bowers (Department of English) will talk about her works in progress–scholarly editions of 18th century and 20th century writers


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