The fast pace of technology and the rise of new methodologies in pedagogy have had a dramatic impact on academic libraries. Traditional research has and always will be a cornerstone of library services but it’s clear that the role of libraries and librarians is evolving as the needs and the interests of our users continue to change and expand.  

The challenges are numerous but we believe that these are exciting times for academic libraries!  With our unique knowledge and skill set, we play a valuable role in supporting the important work of our users.  This has opened the doors to wonderful opportunities here at Penn and we’ve been fortunate enough to engage with students and partner with faculty, researchers, and other librarians on incredibly innovative projects and initiatives.

Admittedly, we realize that there is still much for all of us to learn.  With such a diverse team, we have found that the exchange of information and lessons learned among our staff has been an invaluable process for our growth.  The Penn TRL blog is an extension of that.  By sharing our collective experience and knowledge with others, our hope is that we may further the fields of education and librarianship, inform the Penn community of the wonderful services and resources available at the Penn Libraries, and engage in thoughtful discussion with a growing community of like-minded colleagues and peers.

We can’t wait to introduce you to the wonderful people involved in teaching, research, and learning at the Penn Libraries and share our work with all of you.  We’re excited to grow this space as a wonderful resource for our readers and are hopeful that it will be a springboard for new and exciting ideas, partnerships, and opportunities.  

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